Gateway Home Healthcare was founded in 2005 because we determined there was a large gap in the system with delivering comprehensive Physical Rehabilitation to patients with complex injuries that prevented them from attending In-Clinic therapy within the initial weeks or even months after injury.

We observed that many patients, after being discharged from the Hospital, were laid up at home for several weeks or more, unable to leave their home due to their injuries. These patients were going without any formal Physical Rehabilitation as they literally could not leave their homes to attend therapy In-Clinic. Some patients were receiving services in Hospital; however, even these services were basic and provided the bare minimum. These initial stages of recovery are crucial and delivering proper Physical Rehabilitation in the initial weeks after injury can have a large impact on the overall recovery and enables patients to reach a proper maximum medical recovery in the future.

So Gateway Home Healthcare was founded to deliver these crucial services to these affected patients. In the initial stages of our company, we services the immediate GTA area, however, as our network has grown over the years we are now able to service the majority of South East Ontario.

Initially Gateway Home Healthcare specialized in delivering In-Home Physiotherapy and In-Home Chiropractic care, but, over the last couple years we have added Case Management, In-Home Psychological Care, Occupational Therapy, In-Home Massage therapy and In-Home Kinesiologist care to our list of services provided directly by our company.

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