Core Philosophy

Gateway Home Healthcare is a multi-disciplinary organization that aims to deliver In-Home care that revolves around our Core Philosophy of offering timely, comprehensive and effective In-Home services to those in need. Whether it is hospital discharge planning, in-home Physiotherapy or transition to In-Clinic therapy, Gateway Home Healthcare strives to make the process smooth and efficient for the affected patient.

Gateway Home Healthcare does not require upfront approval or payment from insurance companies for any of its services. As part of our overall Core Philosophy we strive to deliver our services regardless of immediate coverage as we fundamentally feel a patient should not suffer without care due to hiccups or delays in the insurance coverage administration process.

Gateway Home Healthcare believes the proper road to recovery involves a collaborative approach with all the other health care providers and interested parties involved. Whether its liasing with a patients family physician or having meetings with the family, Gateway Home Healthcare is determined to work in unison with all the parties involved in a patients recovery.

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