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Gateway Home Healthcare specializes in treating patients with serious injuries which prevent them attending In-Clinic therapy.

Common case scenarios are: 

Fractures or serious sprain/strain injuries of the hip and/or lower extremities

These patients often cannot fully weight bear on a leg and must use an assistive device to ambulate. For these patients, getting from their home to a vehicle and vehicle to the clinic is a dangerous process and full of risk of fall or aggravation of injury, especially in the winter months. Transportation itself in vehicle is often very painful and potentially aggravating for their injuries

Fractures or serious sprain/strain injuries of the upper extremities that prevent use of the affected upper extremity

Often people focus on those affected by lower extremity injuries with respect to In-Home therapy; however, we often treat patients In-Home with fractures of the upper extremities only which prevent the use of the upper extremity.
Often these patients have accompanying less serious injuries to other areas of the body, most notably the lower extremities, and even minor/moderate head injuries, which makes ambulation a tricky process. When you combine the effects of a concussion with soft tissue injuries to the lower extremities, it can create a potential risk of fall due to imbalance, dizziness and muscular fatigue/failure. This scenario when combined with an upper extremity that is unable to brace a fall, creates a risk of serious injury. That is why we advocate In-Home therapy for patients in these scenarios

Moderate-Serious Traumatic Brain Injuries

The effects of a brain injury can make it very difficult to do the very basic tasks in life and often those affected by these injuries are unable deal with the rigors involved in a full In-Clinic therapy program. These patients are often fatigued and overwhelmed with the multiple appointments they may have with other treatment specialists, such as OT’s, SPL’s and social workers, that they are physically unable to bring themselves to attend In-Clinic therapy on a consistent basis.

Patients with pre-existing health conditions that prevent travel to Clinic

In certain cases, patients do not need to be suffering from serious orthopaedic/head injuries to require and deserve specialized 1-1 In-Home therapy. We have treated many patients at home due to various pre-existing conditions, that combined with their accident injuries, prevent them from travelling to and from In-Clinic therapy such as:

  • Morbid obesity
  • Functional disorders/limitations
  • Mental/developmental disabilities
  • OA associated with advanced age
  • Psychological disorders related to being in public places or travel in vehicles


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